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October 16th, 2004 at 05:24 am

oops sorry I posted before I finished!

I'm mainly eating cooking for myself, the hall food is disgusting.. so I am quickly learning what's cheap to eat! I'm doing pretty well I think making a variety of stuff on 2 hobs, and since I live so close to the market but wquite far from the supermarket (which is expensive and has a rubbish range of stuff anyway) I'm eating loads of fresh stuff - cheaper and healthier Smile

despite the stereotypes I'm not spending that much on alcohol! - I have 9 or 10am lectures every day except sunday so I can't go too mad anyway!

still scouting for mystery shopping, market research, & anything free! - I have been doing well with "try me free" products, and today I got 2 bottles of coconut shower creme as part of a market research thing.

I'm also helping with some brain research next week which I get paid for but also will help some people with hearing impairments - it's helping them learn more about how the brain processes distorted speech which will help them develop better ways to rehabilitate people who get cochlear implants as well as to develop our general understanding of how the brain handles language.

Okay i will try and post again soon when I get a minute, and thank you for that lovely comment on my last post - really made me smile!


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