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December 6th, 2004 at 05:09 pm

Well, I'm home Smile

Had a nice pile of vouchers and suchlike waiting for me that had come in the post!!

Not enjoying all the shouting and chaos in this house though.. makes me appreciate my own space with only myself to account to... which isn't helped by the fact that we are having building work done which means I can't use my room at all and I'm in the spare room.. which doesn't have any of my stuff in it and is crammed full of everyone else's junk. Oh well.

Tried to ring my work today to get some work over Xmas but the number wasn't working.. will try them again tomorrow. I also found my Railcard which I had lost, so that was good Smile picked up a couple of Try Me Frees at the supermarket too. .. just going to fill them in, then bed!