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October 19th, 2004 at 02:08 pm

well.. the results are in... I spent 50 last week.

that did include a new (in the sale!) winter coat though (18) and me buying in pizza for a group of people, some of whom haven't coughed up their shares yet.

ignoring those I spent 11.59 on food and 7 on alcohol!

I reckon I must be eating quite healthily though! - I bought

grapes, apples, pears, cheese, oil, spaghetti, dinner (in canteen), lunch (in canteen), onions, milk, plain yoghurt, and orange juice. oh... and a pack of polos Wink

I got some more recipe books out the library today..

I did buy a couple of textbooks today, second hand, 24. I think they will be worth that in usefulness though, and I have been given a grant for books from my LEA so that I can buy ones if I need them to refer to rather than having to go over to the library all the time, and also so I can work at home with my software and my special chair (should be coming on friday, we hope!) rather than on the crappy seats in the library.

I have my eye on another one as well but I'm scouting around for it first!

I did the brain research on monday, 7, and it was quite fun! - I learnt some new stuff as well, and plus there are the fuzzy feelings from knowing it will (eventually) help people. Also half-way through a very long market research survey thing about drinks that should give me 20 when i do the 2nd part. So I guess that is my textbooks paid for Smile


ps. does anyone have any ideas of good things to do with onions? they were reduced to clear and also buy one, get one free, so I now have nearly 2kg of onions just for me to eat... I mean I normally put them in sauces, curries etc.. but that doesnt use them very fast so ideas very welcome! thanks!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Only problem is I don't have an oven! - only 2 plug-in hobs and a microwave.

    Don't see any reason why I couldn't do a similar thing and just melt the cheese in the microwave though. it just woulndt be as crispy and yummy. but i could live with that!!


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