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me again

October 21st, 2004 at 11:25 am

Hmm this week is being expensive Frown

First I had to buy batteries for my special equipment they have bought me, as they kindly forgot to send me any batteries.. 10

Then I got a textbook that is core to all my courses this year.. 36 (but I did get a 20% discount as yesterday , today and tomorrow is the Student Discount Period! so it made it as cheap as I could get it 2nd hand brand new Smile )

Then our matriculation (matriculation is a ceremony where you become a member of te college, and they take a photo of everyone who is matriculating that year, so everyone in your year is on it) photo is on sale.. I want to get one.. but I couldn't decide

12 - photo, no names, no mount, nothing
25 - names & mount, no frame
35 - names, mount, frame

(the mount is all fancy and written in calligraphy with the college shield and stuff).

I was thinking if I got the 25 one.. I would probably have trouble finding the right frame for it etc..

So I thought maybe I should splash out and get the 35 one, but I also thought maybe I couldgive it to my parents for Xmas? I mean it's not the kind of thing I'm going to hang up now, but they would like to put it up I think and then I can reclaim it when I'm older Wink

So even tho that is going for the most expensive option I think as it also sorts out Xmas presents quite nicely that;s the one I'm going to go for. It'd be nice to hangit with the graduation one (assuming I get that far!!)

Plus I'm going out on friday night which may prove expensive.. Frown.. and i have to book tickets for going to the hospitall.. 15.

am still doing reasonably well on the food front though.

Ohh, some good news, I emailed Quorn (they make vegetarian thingybobs) saying could you send me some recipes, PS and any coupons Wink and today I got a little recipe booklet and 1.50 of coupons in the post. Which was nice Smile

Also had a couple of surveys through.. and I found a penny in a lecture (wahey, riches!)

Anyway I am going to head off and do some work but I will check in again in a couple of days and let you know how I am doing... Smile

at least the threat of 9am maths lecture on saturday is enough to stop me spending too much on alcohol on friday night huh


1 Responses to “me again”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hope you're enjoying varsity
    my advice- get the best photo option- you need those names to jog your memory 10 years from now- memories are worth it

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