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November 7th, 2004 at 12:46 pm

Ack, I was wrong, I forgot I was planning to do laundry today.

Add 1.60!

I think I did okay.. the total spend was a bit higher because of the top and shoes. plus I did some "stocking up" shopping with the ginger, pickle, chutney etc.

This week's shopping should be lighter - I still have a bit of food left from last week. Made cauli & potato curry tonight and had that for dinner with some rice and homemade onion raita (I was going to have mango chutney with it but somehow forgot I had it !?) and will probably have that for lunch /dinner tomorrow and maybe wed as well.

i found a recipe online for naan bread made in a frying pan so i may try that out tomorrow! .. i can use the flour for dumplings & sauces & pancakes.. so ..

then I'll probably make stew again to use up my carrots and use up a couple more of my potatoes.. I don't need to buy anything for that.

towards the end of the week I might make tabbouleh or something. I have bulghar so I'd only need to get maybe some spring onions, a couple of tomatoes, and some parsley.

so far my list for tomorrow is:


oh, and I need some tippex!

going to get a stick blender too for soups.. mum sent me a gift voucher she had so I can get it.. its less than 5 in any case. also make a trip to the library.

on the downside, I had a letter at home that dad opened for me saying they overpaid me on my disabled student's allowance and I need to repay over 400 of what they gave me (so almost all of it).. Frown.. plus youd have thought they could have sent the letter to me AT UNI which they have the address for, instead of home...?


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