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November 8th, 2004 at 03:35 pm

Wrong again, I decided to skimp on the tumbledrying as I didn't have as many jeans in this time, so I only actually spent 1.20.

Friend's birthday coming up.. I have got her a card (our library here has some really nice ones for 70p.. I usually make my own.. but the hassle of bringing all the bits & pieces to make nice ones to college with me, plus the time they take, just wasn't worth it).. but we have agreed not to get each other birthday presents.

We're planning to go to formal hall (this is held in college every night.. it's a three course meal usually served by candlelight, you bring wine etc, and everyone has to dress smartly and wear college gowns.. and it's 5.50 for me which isn't bad for a reasonably posh 3-course meal) to celebrate instead.

I did ask my mum & dad for a haircut for Xmas, but today I found a hairdresser's down here looking for models who will cut it for me for 7.50 - much cheaper than I can get at home. It's done by trainees, but they are supervised, and the cut I have is pretty simple (although I wouldn't want my mum or anyone doing it, they're even more cackhanded than me!) so I can't see they could mess it up toooo badly!

Planning to go out to a local pub on Friday that serves good Thai food for one of my friends here's friend from home (you following me?) who's coming to visit her. I might drag along my other friend so we can share a meal again - we're both veggies and the others aren't, so it's hard for me to share with them, but the portions are way over what I can eat by myself, plus of course it halves the cost if we share Smile I won't be drinking either so that will help keep it down.

Anyway.. I'd better get back to that essay! Smile

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