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it's me again!

November 9th, 2004 at 09:56 am

it's me again with another quick entry..

Haven't spent anything today.. trying to eat up my stash of storecupboard things.. (plus it was raining and cold and i didn't want to go to the market Wink )

so tonight for dinner i'm having rice with lentil dhal and tinned vegetable curry.. and mandarin segments.

Stupid, because I completely forgot I was planning to have pasta with cherry tomatoes and brie to use up some reduced-to-clear cherry toms and some past-its-best brie.. and by the time I remembered my dinner was cooking Frown

I'll have it tomorrow though, so it's all good. My brie and toms will still be good then Smile

Managed to get a mystery-shopping job for this week.. at a pub.. going to go with a friend on Thurs evening, so it's pretty much a free meal out (we can spend up to 9) plus 5 for my time filling it all in etc. Then I should be doing yet more brain research on Friday Smile

then going home over the weekend! annoyingly one of my friends from home who's here too offered me a lift back to uni from where we live on Sunday.. and i had already booked my ticket home Frown and its non-cancelable.

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