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November 10th, 2004 at 10:33 am

well.. i have had a really fun day (or not) stuck in the lab experimenting on frog muscles Frown

and my day's not over yet, I have a tutorial at 7.15 tonight ! then some actual WORK needing to be done.. Frown

financially.. I haven't spent anything since monday.. I do need to pick up some milk and fruit tomorrow though.

by the way, having got really used to home-cooked ones..the tinned curry was pretty horrible. but yknow. it's still edible (and I am, in fact, still eating it..)

I did get some free energy-saving lightbulbs off some website in the post Big Grin very pleased.. they are really good.. I got my flatmate to put them in for me as I'm kind of useless. So now all the bulbs in my room are energy saving ones, which is good as my electricity is metered!

I have kept the old bulbs though (obviously!) so I can change mine back Wink when I move out. Hey, they last for 12 years! (I really am pleased with them, they are at least as bright.. and I can tell how much less electricity they waste just by the fact that my desk light doesn't get boiling hot after being switched on for two minutes any more!

I also checked my balance with one of the survey companies and I had enough for a voucher. Which is annoying as I spent some money with the shop my voucher's for last week on some try me free things Frown oh well.

I also got a cheque today refunding me for my "Try me free" carpet cleaning products..! Smile

Mystery shopping tomorrow.. and the horror of the 11 page form of questions.. but hey. it will pay for my bus ticket home on Sunday!

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