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some good news for once

November 11th, 2004 at 08:10 am

hey, some good news!

the money they accidentally paid me and are trying to claim back wasn't the money I thought it was! - they paid me another deposit, and it was that that was the mistake (if you follow me?!). So it's all good. I don't check the acct. they paid it into very often, because the only thing I use it for is getting my student loans paid into it.. I then have 900 of my interest-free overdraft stashed in my savings hehe.

Still keeping my spending diary up to date and I'll post it up on Sunday.. I'm not sure anyone reads it but it helps me stay on track with keeping it up to date, in some odd way!

Done a couple more surveys etc today.. and mystery-shopping tonight. I might also be doing a psychological study about theology! - which is paid.. he's sending me the initial questionnaire etc in the post.

Finally finished off my curry & rice today and trying to control my hunger until the free mystery-shopping dinner later tonight!


1 Responses to “some good news for once”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I prefer rosie, crana is just my username for most thingsbecause no one else ever has it!

    by the way my electric can opener is fabulous Wink seriously, I am glad I bought it

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