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this week!

November 14th, 2004 at 01:17 pm

okay, here is the (eagerly-awaited, i am sure..) spending diary for this week

Tomatoes 0.74
Pitta 0.41
Flour 0.44
Milk 0.30
Cheese 0.97
Milk 0.30
Apples 0.77
Meal out 1.00
Meal out 6.00
Birthday card 0.70
Tippex 2.69
Sieve 1.49
Xmas present 0.60

Total 16.41

quite pleased with this Smile

the 1 meal out was the mystery-shopping - we went slightly over the expenses limit, but did have 2 main meals and a glass of wine! so..

I went home this weekend..my train was delayed about 45 mins on the saturday, which was annoying because I was only going to be "home" for 23 hours as it was, and had to split that time between my family and my boyfriend! anyway, I can claim back 50% of my ticket cost in compensation for the delay, so that's nice.

umm, so yeah being at home(s!) for the weekend also meant I got free dinners Wink and I "shopped" our fridge and cupboards for some food to bring back - it was nice because I could take a small slice of brie, a couple of broccoli florets, a few baby sweetcorn etc.. that i couldn't buy in small enough portions for myself. So i have a real selection of vegetables etc plus some home cooked lasagna, some home made biscuits etc Smile save me going shopping for a few days!!

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