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November 16th, 2004 at 07:41 am

I had a reply to my complaint letter to the local supermarket today..they sent me a 10 voucher in apology.

unfortunately I tried to actually spend my voucher today and the checkout guy was having none of it, in the end I gave up and just paid in cash!

so I have written again to complain about that Wink he was generally useless on the checkout. i mean, he didn't know what a turnip was, and he took my loyalty card even when I said "oh, no, it's not worth it" (as I hadn't spent enough to actually get any points..lol..95p for milk,turnip,cabbage,carrots) he insisted it was, took my card and swiped it.. to amass the princely sum of 0 points on my card......hmmmmm.

had to post a library book I had ordered from the library "back home" (I ordered it back in June, it's obviously very popular!)which mum had picked up for me and I'd read on the bus on the way back.. so I had to post it to her to return it for me. It cost me 1.58 to post it after I'd already put two 2nd class stamps I had on it!

but then when I bent down to zip up my bag I found 52p on the floor. So I guess that makes up for it Smile

also put two cheques (a rebate, and for a survey) in the bank, and picked up a book I had ordered at the library here - a "cheap meals" recipe book, I need some more inspiration Smile


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