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November 21st, 2004 at 10:57 am

arrgh, i dont believe it, i set the fire alarm off the other day cooking.. for which i'll be fined.. I don't know how much yet, but probably around 70, and up to 200..

it's just so frustrating, I try so hard to save my money then something like this wipes out all the effort I made. I may as well just have eaten in the canteen all the time for the same "cost". it seems so unfair as well. it was completely accidental, i told hem it was me, it wasn't a very big thing.. and now I have to see the senior tutor and get told off and have a huge fine.. like he's never set off a fire alarm ever?! (and they're extremely easy to set off, there are 2 heat detectors and a smoke detector, and the kitchen is about 4ft square so there isn't much room for any heat to go!!)

anyway.. I don't really have a choice about it.. it's one of those things Frown I guess at least being careful about my money in other ways means i CAN pay it and still afford to eat and stuff. but it's just so annoying Frown

so I am being extremely careful with what I cook now Frown

home in less than 2 weeks, thank goodness, im getting fed up of it here..

Anyway...here's this week's spending diary!

Satsumas 0.50
Cauliflower 0.20
Apples 0.85
Cabbage 0.33
Milk 0.30
Turnip 0.16
Carrots 0.16
Sausages 1.09
Yoghurt 0.94
Kiwis 0.99
Naan 0.25
Cheese 0.82
Cabbage 0.40
Milk 0.30
Bagels 0.55
Cream cheese 0.84
Sultanas 1.35
Satsumas 0.50

Calendars 10.00
Stamps 1.58
Formal Hall 7.00

Total 29.11

I don't think this is too bad.. about 10 on food.. and I have some left for next week too. The calendars are charity ones of our college, one's an xmas present for my friend, and the other one's for me - the calendar features members of the college naked in "Calendar girls" style, I had to have one! I'm going to keep it with my matriculation and graduation photos (assuming I make it to graduation!)

Formal hall was my "night out", it's a posh meal in college. It costs 6 but I gave my friend 1 towards the wine she brought for us to share Smile

roll on this week and some non-fire-alarmy-cooking Frown

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