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Spending diary

January 24th, 2005 at 09:19 am

Well, that's the first week survived!

I got my parents to take me shopping and got lots of "store cupboard" stuff to start me off with (it would have been helpful if they hadn't accidentally taken half of it home, though..!)

I stayed under budget with food, although I did eat quite a bit of the stuff they bought me, but I also bought other things that were for the store cupboard.

I shouldn't need to spend much this week, though. Mystery shopping Pizza Hut tonight with boyfriend - also scored some Mullerice on try me free today, and got some almost-free bagels with my coupons from complaining!

What made last week expensive was presents - I bought two bottles of wine as "thank yous" for people who helped me fix my computer, and I got some stuff in advance for birthday presents too.

Paid for b/f to come and visit - I used all my accumulated reward points so it was only 6.

The EFAs are a supplement I'm trying. I'm not sure I'll buy them again though. I got the tubigrip (for my HMS Frown ) and the mirror with a gift voucher, same for the paper and envelopes Smile

Anyway, here's the diary

Roule 0.59
Juice 0.49
Carrots 0.23
Spaghetti 0.28
Spaghetti 0.28
Houmous 0.50
Rice 0.54
Rice 0.54
Malt loaf 1.00
Apples 0.62
Fennel 0.58
Lettuce 0.99
Pears 0.86
Naan 0.18
Avocado 0.15
Mango 0.20
Bananas 0.22
Satsumas 1.20
Carrots 0.30
Parsnip 0.30

Wine 2.89
Wine 2.89
Bop 5.00
Mirror 1.00
Paper 0.99
Envelopes 1.49

EFA 3.99
Tubigrip 3.45
Laundry 1.20
Birthdays 0.30
Birthdays 10.00

Travel 6.00

1 Responses to “Spending diary”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Which I could comment, but your currency baffles me! Nice going, I think! lol

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