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February 7th, 2005 at 10:57 am

Well, I've been pretty busy with work recently to come & do an update. Things have been going OK except for going out for dinner 3 times last week, ahem, a combination of a friend's special occasion and my boyfriend visiting.. Had a good time though :-)

Tried to book an eye test today, but I was told that because it's less than 2 years since I had my last test, I would only get it free if they found my prescription had changed, if not I would have to pay (about 25) - I should be getting things free still as I'm not 19 till May & I'm in fulltime education. Seems loopy to me!! In the past I have always been able to get an eye test when I've been having problems with my glasses (I'm having problems seeing the slides in lectures, even fro near the front Frown )

Anyway, I managed to find another optician who will do me a free test as part of a special offer, so it's ok, but what a batty system!!

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