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February 11th, 2005 at 11:09 am

Just a quick note to say - guess what, I've got another job!

It's helping out the librarian for an hour a week spread over two lunchtimes.

Obviously that doesn't equate to big bucks Wink but I have the days I wanted - it's perfect really - I come back and usually just microwave some pre-prepared (by me!!) dinner in my lunch hour and then faff around - I have time to get back, do 1/2 hour in the library, have my lunch, & then get off again.

Plus, as with everything, it's almost more about the experience. Being able to talk about working in a library etc opens more doors for other jobs, and all experience (pretty much!) is good experience.

I would much rather have a couple of small jobs that just slot in around my life, but add up to a nice amount, than I would have one big job. It gets more tedious that way, for one thing.

I reckon between these three little jobs I should get another 440 odd between now and the end of the year (12 weeks of term). Well worth having!

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